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River Sand Inc. has been the leading source for Georgia landscaping materials and dredging for more than two decades.

Areas Served

River Sand supplies and delivers construction and landscaping materials, including sand, soil, gravel, dirt, and mulch to Atlanta and the rest of Georgia.  

Our dredging services extend throughout Georgia and the surrounding states in the Southeast.  

River Sand, Inc. is unique in the fact that we are one of the few producers of sand and soil in North Georgia and Atlanta.  One of our greatest assets to enable us to serve our clients better are the many locations that we both produce and stockpile landscaping and construction materials.  Because we are a bulk aggregate producer we have large facilities that enable us to load and deliver sand, soil, gravel, dirt, and mulch from one ton or yard up to tens of thousands.  Whether you need to pick up a truck load or have a few delivered, you will find that our locations provide you wilth quick, economical delivery with a low carbon footprint relative to other options.  

You can buy direct from the source, River Sand, or you can find many of our products at other retailers.  We can help you decide what is the best option for your project and needs.  

Don’t see your city, if you are in Georgia, just call us and we can let you know where the closest location and best price will be to deliver to you!

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