River Sand, Inc. produces and supplies all types of bulk Sand.  River Sand is our name because it was one of the first products we offered.  Now we offer a complete line of Sand products, including River Sand, but not that alone.  Sand is used in a variety of applications by our clients that include contractors, landscapers, manufacturing, and homeowners.  Here are some of the more common Sand types and descriptions:

  • River Sand – concrete, drainage, topdressing, arenas, planting
  • Construction Sand – concrete sand, pipe bedding, drainage
  • Masonry Sand – masonry mortar for bricks and blocks
  • M10 Sand (Granite Sand or Granite Dust) – paver base and arena base sand
  • Arena Sand and Horse Footing – a variety of options and gradations specific to the Arena and riding discipline
  • Bunker Sand – golf course bunker sand
  • Divot Mix – golf course turf repair or lawn repair
  • Topdressing – top dressing of turf for athletic fields, lawns, and golf courses
  • Ultradwarf Topdressing Sand – topdressing sand for bermuda greens at golf courses
  • Volleyball Sand – beach volleyball court construction and maintenance
  • Dry Sand – kiln dried sand for manufacturing applications or topdressing
  • Silica Sand – many of the options listed are considered silica sand
  • Infill – sand for filling artificial turf, can be blended with rubber or coconut coir
  • Sand – many more types, colors, gradations of Sand available to specifications

We take our Sand quality seriously.  RSI has our own aggregate laboratory in-house and the option to test for various specifications with multiple third-party laboratories as well.  We want to make certain that we can help you select the right Sand for your project and that we deliver or provide the Sand you expect.  We can help you with different mix designs, gradations (sieve analysis), or meeting parameters (i.e. infiltration) for a project.  Screening, washing, and blending of the Sand is performed on most of the Sand products.  Many of our Sand products are considered Silica Sand as well.  Because we actually produce and manufacture Sand, we are able to process it appropriately to meet its design.  That also enables us to provide Sand here in Georgia to at an affordable bulk price.

RSI supplies bulk Sand by the truckload to residential homeowners and commercial contractors.  We have multiple facilities for production to enable us to keep both the quantity of Sand available and reduce transportation costs.  RSI delivers or can load dump trucks and trailers at one of our facilities.  Sand is scaled and sold by the ton.  Our most popular project types are:

  • Concrete – ready-mix and pre-cast concrete
  • Topdressing Lawns
  • Horse Arenas
  • Planting or Rootzone Mix for grass and turf
  • Bioretention Areas
  • Gardening
  • Farming – poultry (chicken grit) and dairy bedding
  • Landscaping – french drains
  • Construction – masonry, pipe bedding, fill sand

RSI is a bulk Sand supplier for all size projects throughout Georgia, including Atlanta, Athens, Gainesville, Alpharetta, Milton, Cumming, Flowery Branch, Clarkesville, Dahlonega, and the surrounding areas.  Our fleet of dump trucks can deliver Sand at an affordable cost per ton or cubic yard of Sand.  We supply, sell, and deliver Sand to retail and commercial clients.  Our Sand Calculator can help you find out how much Sand you need.  Call River Sand with any questions and to schedule a load, or loads, of Sand delivered today.

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