Soil Conditioner

Soil Conditioner

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Key Benefits

Improves soil structure by adding organic matter; Promotes beneficial soil microbe growth (soil biota); Adjust or buffers pH of soils; Helps retain water and nutrients for plants in the soil; Promotes healthy plant growth; Nutrient-rich source for plants; Improves clay soil structure to increase water and air movement in to the rootzone; Improves high clay content soils, Reduces erosion; Environmentally beneficial practice for growing plants (less need for application of fertilizer, pesticides, and other chemicals); Increases water retention in soil resulting in less irrigation


High organic matter content (OM%), rich, dark in color with high organic matter content; Enhanced soil microbes; High CEC (cation exchange capacity); Low soluble salt (SS) content; No pathogens; Ideal moisture content; Slightly alkaline to slightly acidic pH; All-natural soil with no chemicals or pesticides added; Screened; Beneficial microbes

Soil Conditioner

Soil Conditioner is any soil amendment that improves the soil. Our Soil Conditioner is designed specifically to improve soil structure by adding organic matter to loosen compacted clay soils. The Soil Conditioner also helps retain moisture and plant available nutrients, resulting in a healthier soil and plants growing in the soil. Georgia’s red clay may be beautiful and work well for many purposes, but more often than not Soil Conditioner can really improve the hard clay’s ability to grow plants. Soil conditioner is a general term that is a type of soil amendments. Many soil amendments such as gypsum, lime, peat moss, manure, super absorbent polymers, compost, perlite, vermiculite, stalite, biochar, and others have other specific purposes. RSI’s Soil Conditioner is designed to provide landscapers, gardeners, contractors, and homeowners with a bulk soil conditioner that is high in organic matter percentage but affordable enough to change the soil dynamics in the lawn, garden, or other landscape.

How do I use and apply Soil Conditioner to my dirt?

Generally speaking, for most plants, you want incorporate the Soil Conditioner into the rootzone at a depth of 6-8”. Trees may require it to be incorporated a few feet into the soil. The best way is to place the Soil Conditioner on the surface of the existing soil and till it 6-8” with a rototiller or by hand if the area is small enough. The amount of Soil Conditioner you need may depend on the depth of your rootzone, your budget, and the area you are spreading it. Soil Conditioner is an affordable method for amending your current soil instead of replacing it with a better quality Topsoil. Don’t worry too much if it is too difficult to incorporate into the soil at deeper depths. Over time, the earthworms and other organisms will help mix it further.

What is in Soil Conditioner? What are the ingredients in our Soil Conditioner?

Soil Conditioner is composed of 1/3 pine bark fines and 2/3 organic compost. The materials are blended and screened for an optimal benefit and ease of incorporation into the soil. Soil Conditioner helps improve clay soils typically found here in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Athens, Gainesville, Cumming and the rest of northern Georgia. The organic matter improves soil structure allowing water and nutrients to enter and stay within the rootzone. Southern parts of Georgia tend to have sandier soil that the organic matter retains water and nutrients as well. The compost portion helps adjust any soil back towards a neutral pH.

Bulk Soil Conditioner

Soil Conditioner can be purchased in bulk quantities and delivered with a dump truck to your location. This method is preferred when you are amending a large garden or most commonly preparing for seeding or sodding for your lawn. Soil Conditioner is lighter than most soils because of the high organic matter and is sold by the cubic yard. The cost or price of Soil Conditioner is a less expensive alternative than a higher quality Compost and Topsoil. Compost is another soil amendment that can be used in the same manner, but does not cover the same area at the same cost. Topsoil generally replaces or is placed on top of the existing poor-quality dirt. Therefore, Bulk Soil Conditioner is an affordable way to improve your soil.

River Sand, Inc. is your bulk landscaping supplier and source for construction materials including sand, soil, and gravel. From a homeowner in Clayton, to a gardener in Gainesville, to a landscaper in Alpharetta, to the guy with the best lawn in Athens, RSI can provide the bulk Soil Conditioner you need. Call today for a quote and to schedule delivery for your Soil Conditioner and make your soil better today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Soil Conditioner? We have answers!

Most soil conditioners have a high organic matter content consisting of pine fines and other finely mulched organic material.  Manure, lime, and sand may be added for additional benefits.  Compost is another component and can be in the form of composted mulch along with manure products. 

Soil conditioner is best applied to a lawn prior to seeding or sodding and tilled into the existing soil.  In gardens, soil conditioner is best to be tilled in to the soil in fall after vegetables or flowers are done growing or prior to planting in the spring.  You may notice your soil has a high clay content and tends to compact making rain run off from the surface instead of moving into the soil. Soil conditioner will help loosen and aerate the soil. 

Soil conditioner is a soil amendment or additive to help a soil improve its ability to grow plants.  Soil conditioners are designed to improve soil structure by increasing porosity and water holding capacity while decreasing compaction.  A soil conditioner’s ability to reduce compaction leads to deeper, healthier roots. 

Absolutely!  Improving soil structure with organic matter may take time as your plants grow, but the immediate loosening of the soil and addition of organic matter can help retain moisture and nutrients to help your plants become established.  If you have a red clay soil, you should consider adding a soil conditioner to improve it and your plants. 

Like compost, soil conditioners are best used as an amendment to the soil and not along for planting.  The high organic matter content works best when combined with topsoil or native soil. 

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