Specialized but diverse describes RSI’s niche in the various marketplaces.
Delivering the highest quality products and services in the industry is our primary goal.

River Sand, Inc. is a bulk producer and supplier of sand, soil, dirt, gravel and mulch.  Dredging is a key part of the production of our products.  Environmental dredging services to clean out lakes, rivers, reservoirs, ponds, lagoons, and other waterbodies is our primary service we offer.  As we have grown and diversified, we developed niches in the market that we called divisions.  Even though many of our products cross over into multiple divisions, the application and details as to their function changes.  For example, a landscaper may need the same sand as an equestrian but each needs to know why that sand will perform in each application.

Divisions allow us to categorize our products and services to allow our clients to find out more about the products that meet their needs.

River Sand still values and sells small quantities of one ton to an individual or large quantities up to tens of thousands of tons to a corporation.  We strive for all our clients to gain knowledge along with the best product and service in the industry.


River Sand can help you clean the muck out of your lake, pond, stream, or lagoon.  Sediment and sludge are a problem in almost every body of water.  Sedimentation often leads to problems such as reduction of water storage, eutrophication, increased nutrient loading, decreasing aquatic habitat for fish, loss of property value, clogged intakes and outfall control structures, and flooding.  RSI offer solutions to remove the sediment, sludge, and muck.  Our dredging services include turn-key solutions from permitting, dredging, disposal, and reclamation.  Our clients include private property owners, dock owners (on USACE, Georgia Power, and TVA lakes), water and wastewater entities, energy companies (EMCs, hydro dams, etc.), corporations (storm water detention facilities), homeowners assocations (HOAs), engineering and environmental consulting firms, and many other stakeholders with water rights.

Our specialty dredging equipment in various types and sizes gives us the ability to remove sediment and muck in the most efficient low-impact method.  Reducing cost and impact are a primary objective.  RSI’s dredging experience spans decades from our backyard on Lake Lanier, Athens, Atlanta, Alpharetta, and even the Amazon.  Let us help provide you with a plan to remediate your lake, pond, or lagoon.

Landscaping Division

River Sand supplies a lot of landscaping supplies to landscaping companies and homeowners. Landscapers like the convenience of having an account with a one-stop shop for their landscaping needs. We often supply a project with gravel for a driveway, soil for planting, and mulch for the finishing touch. Sub-contractors on commercial projects find that our timely delivery utilizing our fleet of trucks simplifies the process from start to finish. Many sources of sand, soil, and gravel products do not stockpile enough product during the busiest seasons of the year or decrease quality to make products faster. We have supplied bulk materials and bulk aggregates for decades, so we know what products you need and how to get them to you affordably. Landscaping products are not only for the professional. We deliver landscaping supplies and materials directly to homeowners looking to do the work themselves. Often our sand or soil comes with a helpful tip or maybe a referral to the closest equipment rental location. Our most popular tool for homeowners is our product calculator that helps you determine just the right amount you need. When you think about landscaping, remember to call River Sand to get your materials delivered on time and in budget.

Equestrian Division

Arena Sand has been a staple of our product line for decades. Equestrians have been using our sand long before we developed our other divisions. Our own interest in horses and farming was part of the development of this division. We realized there is limited knowledge about footing in Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs of Alpharetta, Milton, Canton and the rest of Georgia. Early on we began discussing options with the top trainers, vets, and enthusiasts. Our advantage of being a producer allowed us to tweak different products for the right blend of performance and value for our clientele. Our river sand was always one of the most popular footings but the ability to adjust the gradation, find the most durable sources, provide the optimal particle shape, add amendments, and even spread it upon delivery led us into more and more opportunities to meet equestrian needs. Today we offer several standard arena sand and footing options for horse arenas, but the customized options have remained a popular option to meet a specific farm need. Owners and riders care about performance and they can literally feel the difference in our sand. They also care about the health of their horse, and we want to be a part of that too!

Golf Division

Georgia is world renowned for its golf sand. The technology and research within the golf industry has led to amazing changes in the way we see turf. A lot of the research has happened here in Georgia as well. We have grown with the trends of time as well. Our sand has been used in countless push-up greens from the past to the greens of the PGA Championship. Those two sands were very different though. River Sand offers many more products than river sand to golf courses. We have a complete line of USGA Topdressing, Ultra-dwarf Topdressing, Drainage Sand, Divot Sand, Bunker Sand, Greensmix Sand, Dyed Sand, and Dry Sand. On top of that, we have our own fleet of trucks or you can send one of your own to our sand production facilities. There aren’t many Atlanta sand suppliers that offer the complete package from production to delivery. If you are a golf course superintendent or manager needing bulk aggregate in Atlanta give us a call!

Sports Field Division

Georgia loves football from Atlanta to Athens. We also love baseball from the state champs in Gainesville to Roswell. Soccer leagues are growing in popularity across the state as well. River Sand has supplied countless tons of rootzone mix, sand, infield dirt, and soil to athletic fields across Georgia. We supply one ton to the little league team and up to thousands for the Bulldogs and Falcons. From sport field construction to maintenance, we can supply your sand, soil, infield mix, mound mix, warning track mix, and anything else beneath your feet and the turf. We even offer infill sand for artificial turf. Let us know how we can help improve your football field, soccer pitch, or baseball diamond so you can have a little fun and bring home a championship.

Construction Division

River Sand has been supplying contractors with landscaping materials and supplies in the Atlanta area for decades.  Contractors look to us to source sand, soil, gravel, dirt, and mulch with 3 conditions:

1) Priced affordability

2) Delivered on-time

3) Quality products to specifications

Our customer service is designed around having a knowledgeable sales staff with the resources to meet your needs on a project, including budget and time.  River Sand has various size trucks that can deliver the material effectively.  River Sand also supplies sand, soil, and other materials in bulk so you can pick up 100s or 1000s of tons for a project in a day or two if needed.  Construction sand, masonry sand, gravel, fill dirt, and engineered soils are some of our most popular products for the Construction Division.

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