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Yes, topsoil is a great soil to plant grass seed for your lawn.  The loamy texture allows roots to penetrate deep which promotes a healthy lawn.  Deep roots allows grass become drought tolerant during the summer.  A good topsoil also provides the nutrients needed to grow greener grass.  In Georgia, the red clay is nutrient deficient and compacts easily which makes it less ideal for grass than topsoil.

Yes, geotextile tubes are a great method to dewater coal ash as it is pumped or dredged from a pond or lagoon.  The tubes allow for the material to be safely stored, without the risk of eroding, until the material is dry enough for final disposal. 

Yes, you can use masonry sand for a beach, but it may not be the best sand for your beach.  Masonry sand is fine in texture and light in color, so it feels and looks like the beach sand you expect.  However, RSI offers a few other types of sands that are whiter in color that give you a better look.  We also offer a sand with a different particle size that helps keep you sand on the beach if there is a lot of slope or wave action.

Bioswales are designed to decrease the rate and quantity at which water runs off from an area.  So, yes they are effective at reducing the risk of flooding but not completely eliminating flooding. 

No, draining a pond is not necessary to dredge it and remove the muck or sediment.  Dredging can be done with the water at the full level or it can be lowered slightly to help dredge.  The water left in the pond will remain for fish, turtles, and irrigation. 

It depends.  If you have a wastewater lagoon or pond that is not considered to be state waters, then probably not.  If your pond or lake is considered state waters or waters of the US which many privately owned water bodies are classified as such, then you may need a permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers.  If you will disturb any soil for the dewatering or disposal process, you may need a land disturbance permit. 

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Absolutely!  Improving soil structure with organic matter may take time as your plants grow, but the immediate loosening of the soil and addition of organic matter can help retain moisture and nutrients to help your plants become established.  If you have a red clay soil, you should consider adding a soil conditioner to improve it and your plants. 

Bioslope media or bioslope mix is best purchased by the loose, bulk ton and delivered in a dump truck or dump trailer.  Planning is critical to either place the material into the system directly or store in a manner (i.e. on concrete/asphalt) to prevent contaminants from being mixed with the bioslope media prior to installation.

Installing landscape fabric beneath pea gravel can help eliminate dirt from contaminating it (moles, ants, holes) and weeds from growing up from the dirt.  However, pea gravel does not have to have a layer beneath it.  A minimum depth of 2 inches is recommended regardless.

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