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The recommended sand depth for a volleyball court is 12 to 24 inches (1 to 2 feet), with 18 inches being the average.  Less depth can be used for a backyard volleyball court for weekend fun, but enough sand needs to be considered for safety purposes.

The cost of sand depends on the type of sand that you use and the distance of trucking for delivery.  Sand suitable for volleyball usually starts at $16 per ton but can range up to $75 per ton with certain specs and delivery included.  Either way be prepared to spend more than $1,000 for sand in a volleyball court.

Generally speaking, you will need about 200 tons.  You can use our calculator to put in the dimensions of the court along with the depth you would like to achieve.  Remember to include any extra for the perimeter of the court. 

Masonry sand can be used for volleyball courts.  Many masonry sands contain fine particles that tend to stick to players and also compacts too hard for optimal play over time.

First, keep in mind that there are a lot more types of sand than what you imagine.  Sand is not just sand.  Many companies will bring you the sand that is most available, cheapest, or something that they have used in the past for volleyball courts.  Sure, you can use masonry sand, concrete sand, or golf course bunker sand but all of these are designed for another purpose and may have issues that you don’t like.  Masonry can compact too fine, and the sand stick to your body.  Concrete sand can be too coarse and the larger particles hurt.  Bunker sand is a beautiful color but is designed to not let golf balls penetrate the surface resulting less cushioning.  RSI provides a Volleyball Sand that has a great white color and specs that remove the particles that are too little and too big creating a sand that is just right.

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