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Yes, bulk soil suppliers and soil manufacturers, like River Sand, Inc., can blend bulk, loose potting soil by the cubic yard or ton.  Buying potting soil by the bag for a few potted plants is the best method but for many gardeners, nurseries, or landscapers that use a large quanity of potting soil it makes sense to save money and buy bulk. 

Yes, and you can save money too!  River Sand, Inc. supplies bulk, loose soil conditioner by the cubic yard.  You can have a dump truck load delivered to your home or project in Atlanta or the surrounding areas throughout Georgia. 

Compost can be used for topdressing a lawn, but it is not the best material for topdressing.  Compost typically contains larger pieces of wood or other organic debris that is difficult to work down through the soil canopy.  Adding more organic matter to a turf that has excessive thatch may contribute to the spongy, soft surface.  Topdressing sand is the preferred material for topdressing lawns (based on decades of research by the USGA).  It provides aeration, levelling, and long-term soil benefits.  However, River Sand blends compost to create a Topdressing Blend if preferred by a client, and benefits from compost are still achieved.

Yes, River Sand is one of the best soil amendments to mix in the existing high clay content soil to relieve compaction and allow roots to penetrate deeper, resulting in a healthier turf grass, You can also topdress turf with River Sand such as bermuda, zoysia, and centipede to level the lawn to prevent scalping and also to encourage water to get down to the roots. 

Using topsoil or planting soils in potted plants instead of potting soil is not the best option.  Other soils can retain too much water and lead to heavy containers or improper drainage.  Potting soil is best used for potted plants to promote drainage and avoid root rot and compaction.  Topsoil and planting mixes are best suited for landscaping and gardening purposes.

You can, but it is not recommended.  Potting soil is designed to drain well but retain moisture at the same time for potted plants.  Topsoil may not let enough water move through it to water the plants correctly.  It all depends on the characteristics of the topsoil but overall potting soil will give you a healthier potted plant. 

Like compost, soil conditioners are best used as an amendment to the soil and not along for planting.  The high organic matter content works best when combined with topsoil or native soil. 

Yes, topsoil is a great soil to plant grass seed for your lawn.  The loamy texture allows roots to penetrate deep which promotes a healthy lawn.  Deep roots allows grass become drought tolerant during the summer.  A good topsoil also provides the nutrients needed to grow greener grass.  In Georgia, the red clay is nutrient deficient and compacts easily which makes it less ideal for grass than topsoil.

Bioswales are designed to decrease the rate and quantity at which water runs off from an area.  So, yes they are effective at reducing the risk of flooding but not completely eliminating flooding. 

Absolutely!  Improving soil structure with organic matter may take time as your plants grow, but the immediate loosening of the soil and addition of organic matter can help retain moisture and nutrients to help your plants become established.  If you have a red clay soil, you should consider adding a soil conditioner to improve it and your plants. 

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