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Yes, bulk soil suppliers and soil manufacturers, like River Sand, Inc., can blend bulk, loose potting soil by the cubic yard or ton.  Buying potting soil by the bag for a few potted plants is the best method but for many gardeners, nurseries, or landscapers that use a large quanity of potting soil it makes sense to save money and buy bulk. 

Using topsoil or planting soils in potted plants instead of potting soil is not the best option.  Other soils can retain too much water and lead to heavy containers or improper drainage.  Potting soil is best used for potted plants to promote drainage and avoid root rot and compaction.  Topsoil and planting mixes are best suited for landscaping and gardening purposes.

You can, but it is not recommended.  Potting soil is designed to drain well but retain moisture at the same time for potted plants.  Topsoil may not let enough water move through it to water the plants correctly.  It all depends on the characteristics of the topsoil but overall potting soil will give you a healthier potted plant. 

Potting soil is usually sold by the cubic foot in a bag.  If you are looking to fill multiple containers or use a lot of potting soil over time, you may consider buying it in bulk.  Use a volume calculation to determine how many cubic feet you need and then multiply by 27 to determine how much is the equivalent in cubic yards.  If it is over 1 cubic yard, then River Sand may be able to supply you bulk potting soil and save money.

Potting Soil is the best soil for potted plants.  It is lightweight and drains rapidly while still maintaining moisture and nutrients for plants.  It is generally composed of a combination of compost, peat, soil, vermiculite, and perlite.

Potting soil mix is a lightweight soil, unlike topsoil, made from compost, peat, bark, perlite, dolomite, or other light soil that drains rapidly.  It is used for planting in pots, vases, or other containers.

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