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Yes, mulch makes a great surface for playgrounds.  It is safe, non-toxic and provides cushion from falls.  It prevents muddy areas within the playing area.  RSI offers mulch designed specifically for playgrounds including Kid-Safe™ Mulch (meets/exceeds ASTM F1292, ASTM F2075, ASTM 1951, ADA Guidelines, CPSC Recommendations, IPEMA Certified).

Yes, River Sand is one of the best soil amendments to mix in the existing high clay content soil to relieve compaction and allow roots to penetrate deeper, resulting in a healthier turf grass, You can also topdress turf with River Sand such as bermuda, zoysia, and centipede to level the lawn to prevent scalping and also to encourage water to get down to the roots. 

Yes, we produce and sell River Sand at multiple locations throughout Metro Atlanta and Georgia.  That’s not all we sell though.  We have a complete line of other types of sand, topsoil, dirt, gravel, and mulch. 

Mulch may last up to 5 years but the color may start to fade 6 months to a year after installation.  In Georgia, an average yearly application is typically expected. 

A couple of inches of mulch is ideal for ground cover but be careful not to place too much mulch around the base of a tree or shrub.  Do not cone the mulch around the base of a tree. 

River Sand can be used for constructing beaches.  However, it typically contains coarser particles than the soft sand you think of on the beach which is good when waves may erode the beach.  We have many other products that look and feel more like the sand you think about as beach sand, similar to that on the shores of Florida.  Real beach sand is a very fine silica, or quartz, sand.  Beach sand can be from any source such as nearby volcanic rock, shells, or limestone. 

If you need more mulch than you can fit in a car or the back of a pickup, you can probably save money buying bulk mulch.  You can purchase red, black, brown, and natural mulch by the cubic yard and have it delivered to your project or home. 

No, old mulch makes great soil conditioner and adds organic matter to the soil.  It often breaks up and roots tend to grow through it.  Removing the old mulch will take more time and expense than necessary.  Simply place your new mulch on top of the existing mulch to renew the look.

Mulch offers a ground cover to prevent weeds, retain moisture for plants, and add a nice look to your landscape.  Mulch is all natural and easily maintained. 

Most of our River Sand has parent material (the rock from where it eroded/broke away from) of quartz.  So, it is primarily a silica sand (SiO2), or quartz sand.  The different hues of brown, red, and yellow comes from iron oxides on the surface of the particle. 

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