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Using topsoil or planting soils in potted plants instead of potting soil is not the best option.  Other soils can retain too much water and lead to heavy containers or improper drainage.  Potting soil is best used for potted plants to promote drainage and avoid root rot and compaction.  Topsoil and planting mixes are best suited for landscaping and gardening purposes.

No, soils are sourced and blended differently by manufacturers and suppliers.  Typically, topsoil is soil excavated and sold directly as “good dirt” (this is not the case with RSI’s Topsoil).  Potting Soil contains a mixture of perlite, dolomite, peat, or other materials best-suited for potted plants.  It is light and drains rapidly.  Garden Soil can refer to a material that is very similar to Topsoil or Landscape Mix.  Landscape Mix often has a higher percentage of organic material and sand to promote adequate drainage along with moisture and nutrient retention.  Landscape Mix is better suited for planting established plants while topsoil is better for gardening and seeding/sodding a lawn. 

Landscaper’s Planting Mix or PerfectSoil is a great soil media for planting flowers in your landscaped areas.

Good planting mix contains a combination of sand, soil, and compost.  The quality of the ingredients are a key part of a quality landscaper’s planting mix.  The ratio at which each component is blended also is critical to retain moisture, provide nutrients, and drain well.  Planting mix refers to a soil, unlike potting soil, that is best used in your landscaping and gardening areas. 

Landscaper’s planting mix or Landscape Mix is a soil blended specifically for planting trees, shrubs, grass, flowers, and gardening.  It is different than topsoil because it contains a high amount of organic material along with sand to help retain moisture and provide nutrients.  The combination of soil components allows this soil blend to be well-drained to help roots establish quickly without disease. 

Buying planting soil or planting mix by the bag at the local hardware store can become expensive if you need a lot.  Local landscaper suppliers, like River Sand, Inc., blend, supply, and deliver bulk soils to your project or house.  Many people do not realize how much soil it takes to fill a garden or the area next to the sidewalk/porch.  You can purchase soil by the ton or cubic yard and save money!

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