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A dump truck load of fill dirt is typically 15 to 18 tons.  This can be 10 to 15 cubic yards of dirt.  Remember to consider about 10% more if you are planning on compacting the fill dirt.  Also, be sure to use our calculator to find out how much dirt you need.

You can find some contractors willing to give extra dirt that they have on a project.  So, if you see a house or building with a pile of dirt close by, you may ask the contractor.  However, most of the time you will need to haul it with a dump truck which will add cost.  Be careful to inspect or ask about the fill dirt as many construction sites tend to place anything in the dirt pile that they are getting rid of which may end up with you getting debris and trash you do not want along with the dirt.  Most landscape suppliers, like River Sand, select the best quality dirt that is most affordable for you, and can deliver it when you need it. 

In the Atlanta and surrounding areas in Georgia, fill dirt is typically characterized by red clay.  It can be more or less sandy in texture but is often unscreened, meaning that it can contain rocks or other debris.  It is excavated from the ground and is great to use to build up areas to the desired grade.  Some fill dirt can be used as compatible fill for dams, foundations, and other functions. 

Fill dirt is commonly used as a construction material for grading on construction projects.  For landscaping, fill dirt is an excellent material to build up low areas, add to divert runoff, and backfill against basements or other structures.  Fill dirt is not the best option for planting grass in but as an economical fill material you may consider filling up areas with fill dirt which stays in place easier.  Then topping the fill dirt with 6 to 8 inches of topsoil before planting. 

Topsoil is a sandier, fertile, usually dark brown or black, soil that contains nutrients and organic matter suitable for growing plants.  Fill dirt refers to any dirt that does not contain organic matter but instead contains higher amounts of clay.  Some fill dirt may be suitable for compactible fill.  Fill dirt is usually a more economical option and better option to fill in low areas for structured fill.  Topsoil is best used for areas that will be planted with grass, trees, or shrubs. 

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