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Fill divots with the sand provided up to the base of the existing soil, not to the top of the grass.  Be sure to smooth and compact it slightly with a step from a shoe, and have fun playing. 

River Sand, Inc. provides divot sand in white, tan, brown, and green colors.  The type of blend, preference, and price can determine the best color sand for your divot repair. 

It’s a sand or sand blend designed to fill the divots creating by golfers when the club removes a portion of the turf beneath the ball.  These holes often occur on the tee box or at certain areas within the fairway.  Divot Sand is a way that the holes can be repaired quickly by the golfer to level the hole back up and provide a way for the turf to grow back over rapidly.  Divot sand, also called divot mix, can be just sand or it can be blended with grass seed, fertilizer, peat or compost.  The sand can also be dyed green or selected as a natural tan color to blend in the rootzone better than white sand.  Divot mix is like your favorite recipe, and can be blended based on each golf courses needs and preferences.

Divot Sand or Divot Mix is a type of material golf courses leave on golf carts for golfers to fill back in the holes they make in the turf.  A lot of times the sand used is the same type of sand that is used to topdress a course.  However, many courses prefer a green or off-white colored sand to help disguise the many chunks of turf missing before they the turf recovers.  Divot Mix can also be a blend of sand with peat, fertilizer, or grass seed to help the turf recover more quickly. 

Divots are holes creating from the golf club removing a portion of the turf.  Sand placed back in the divot levels the surface back so the turf can grow back into place. If it is not filled the hole will remain as the turf grows back but it may cause inconsistent areas of play and unhealthy turf from uneven cuts with the mower.  So, sand helps repair the turf for better play and better turf health.

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