What sand do you use in a horse arena?

January 13, 2022

Arena Sand comes in many different forms.  The type of sand depends on the style of riding and the needs of your arena.  Dressage and Jumpers need a finer grade sand for a firm footing.  Barrel racing and cutting horses prefer a looser, deeper coarse sand for adding protection in the sharp turns.  Also, amending your existing arena usually needs the same coarser particles to relieve compaction that happens over time.  New arenas may need either fine or coarse sand.  So, there is not one size fits all sand for horse arenas.  Masonry Sand, Concrete Sand, River Sand, and Manufactured Sand (m10s) can all work but you need to start with a basic knowledge of what type will work best for your project.  RSI can help you decide, and since we offer all these types of sand we can supply the best Arena Sand for your needs.

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