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March 19, 2015

You take pride in your home and one of the first things anyone sees of it is your lawn. Green, lush and fertile should be your first goal. It’s the envy of the entire neighborhood. Your secret? Topdressing. For new homeowners out there who want to get in on the action, I’m going to explain the power that topdressing can give them.

What is topdressing?

Topdressing is a process in which you spread a new layer of soil on your lawn to improve its overall health.

How will topdressing help my lawn?

Thatch is a layer of organic material located above the surface of the soil. Topdressing is applied to minimize excessive thatch accumulation and the associated problems.

Topdressing promotes healthier roots by allowing air and water to reach them easier. The result of topdressing is a new and fresh lawn, void of those dead, brown patches, overgrown areas and weed spurts. Topdressing helps create healthy, consistent lawn growth.

Topdressing materials

There are several materials to topdress your lawn. The majority of professionals use a quality natural sand. Some prefer a mixture of ingredients including sand and peat, sand and loam (type of topsoil), or sand and compost. The sand/compost mixture often adds sand for improvement of soil properties, and compost adds value as organic matter to the soil. The safest measure is to find a topdressing material mixed specifically with lawns in mind from a professional supplier.

Applying topdressing

Applying topdressing to your lawn is simple if you remember a few key things. First, the topdressing needs to penetrate the lawn’s surface, which is easier if the lawn is mowed very low for bermuda grass lawns.

If the soil is compacted, it may be necessary to core aerate the soil first using a lawn aerator to remove plugs about two inches deep. This is commonly seen on golf courses and areas with extremely firm soils.

After the aerating process, spread the topdressing evenly over the entire lawn using either a topdresser, spade, or spin spreader that evens out the application.

Lastly, go back over the lawn and make sure that the mixture has gone into the soil and isn’t just lying on top using a drag or other method. It’s crucial that the topdressing penetrates into the soil and is spread evenly to create a level surface. The level surface will help prevent future scalping with the mower.

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